This sounds like an extended version of the Common User Interface that has been around as open source for 5 years or betterimage and if it works and the code works then it should provide some real benefits.  Now who’s going to write the code?  Cerner is very well positioned since they have all their development in house versus one like Allscripts who has grown with acquiring software technologies but they now have a former Cerner executive at their CEO.   I last mentioned it in December of last year when the questions about EHR safety emerged as it is/was a platform that could sit on top of almost any medical records system and create some type of uniformity for doctors in being able to recognize a similar or same format where ever their travels took them.  The Common User Interface started back in 2007, so maybe ahead of it’s time a little? 

Government Urges Software Companies to Find and Document Patient Harm Resulting From Electronic Medical Records–Checking Algorithms & Hey, Whatever Happened to the Common User Interface?


Since this was just announced details are sketchy as far as exactly where it will go but that is customary until all really dig in here.  A patient consent form is to be incorporated and again that is currently done via PHRs that allow for sharing data and this appears to be a contribution from the McKesson side since the url shows it on relayhealth.  RelayHealth from McKesson has been around for quite a while and is currently used to allow HIPAA compliant communications between patients and doctors and is shown as a proof of concept provider.  As complexities go today so goes the code and time to prepare for use.  BD

NEW ORLEANS — Top health care information technology (HIT) companies Cerner, McKesson, Allscripts, athenahealth, Greenway Medical Technologies® and RelayHealth announced today the launch of the CommonWell Health Alliance™, planned to be an independent not-for-profit organization that will support universal, trusted access to health care data through seamless interoperability.

This historic effort is aimed at improving the quality of care delivery while working to lower costs for care providers, patients and the industry as a whole.

The Alliance intends to be a collaborative effort of suppliers who are focused on achieving data liquidity between systems, in compliance with patient authorizations. The Alliance will define, promote and certify a national infrastructure with common platforms and policies. It also will ensure that HIT products displaying the Alliance seal are certified to work on the national infrastructure.


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