Cerner Co-Path is an existing Cerner product that the company purchased years ago and brings in barcoding, tracking and other tracking imagefeatures and HL7 interfaces for registries and more.  The automated processes of Labotix already has several installations in the US and around the world.  One installation group of interest includes a couple of Kaiser Permanente locations so now in essence they appear to become a client of Cerner relative to lab automation capabilities.  That is happening a lot today with mergers and acquisitions and if you need an example of one company that is just down right over abundant in this area look at Untied Healthcare who has a huge daisy chain of subsidiaries. 

From the website: 

“As the original open architecture lab automation line, Labotix will sort and deliver all specimens to all analyzers, from any vendor, anywhere in your lab. Labotix allows you to use your current analyzers or choose best of breed to work with our system. You may also change analyzers at anytime without replacing the entire automation line. With installations around the globe, Labotix has the imageexperience and reliability to build a system for any size lab. With a complete menu of supplemental modules – ranging from auto-loaders and de-cappers to re-cappers and refrigerated storage – LABOTIX will build a system that increases efficiency in any size lab.”

Below is an image from the website as a quick image of an loading station.  The software with the system, ASC gives an overview of where specimens are in the system and is all touch screen featured.  This is pretty interesting to see Cerner move in this direction but perhaps not really unusual as the competition for complete hospital solutions is getting competitive out there and the more one can offer it appears under one roof with support, I would think the stronger case this makes for avoiding addition al 3rd party integrating solutions.  Cerner also does market some products that also work with other EHR systems such as Care-Link which of course works with their own systems but they also have a platform that will work with non Cerner systems and this is big growing area with devices, access and status as patients are connected to more devices today both as in and out patients.  BD 


KANSAS CITY, Mo. and PETERBOROUGH, Ontario, March 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cerner (CERN) today announced it has acquired Labotix(R) Automation Inc., a leading provider of flexible, open automation solutions for the clinical laboratory setting.

The combination of Cerner Millennium(R), Cerner Copath, and Labotix' Automation will create the most comprehensive set of capabilities on the market to support high volume testing.

Cerner's mission is to contribute to the systemic improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities. "By aligning Labotix and Cerner(R) solutions, Cerner is uniquely positioned with its automation options to support clients focusing on increasing laboratory processing capacity while reducing error," said Dr. John David Nolen, Managing Director of Laboratory Medicine for Cerner. "These capabilities are, and increasingly will be, important to organizations which have a business model for high volume or centralized laboratory business models."


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