Back in January New York Presbyterian agreed to take over the hospital which included debt settlements.  The hospital sees a large number of Medicaid patients and so we know what that means as far as revenue.  imageThe residents thought if they broke their union affiliation there could be a chance they could remain on board but two weeks after they dissolved their union affiliations, they get fired.  They did break the union affiliation as they knew if that remained they stood little chance of moving on to the big hospital.  The residents will be out of a job by June and at least they have some time to perhaps look and find something else if they can.  In addition they lose their low rent apartments as well.  There goes a new group of doctors having to search elsewhere for residency when we keep hearing we need more doctors in the US.  BD

New York-Presbyterian Hospital To Take Over Debt of New York Downtown Hospital Located Near the Financial District

The always-struggling New York Downtown Hospital, which is changing ownership again, the be under the New York Presbyterian umbrella, has decided to fire all of the residents in training, all 70 of them. They will also be kicked out of their very low rent apartments, that were less than $1,000 a month.

DNAinfo has the story, “When word spread in November that the hospital was set to merge with New York-Presbyterian, many residents were happy, thinking they would have a shot at becoming part of the more prestigious medical center. That hope started to crumble when Downtown Hospital’s administrators warned in a Dec. 27 letter that the residents’ positions were in jeopardy, according to documents.

But just a couple of weeks after residents ended their union agreement, the hospital announced, in a letter dated Jan. 31, that the program was shutting down and the residents would be out of a job by June 30.”


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