imageOk how many years ago did David Winn tell me they were working on a web based application?  It’s been a while and right now it’s not a web based but rather a “cloud” based system.  Yes there’s a difference in systems with being in the cloud as you all know today, which is all about hosting and spinning up a cloud.  So this is a perfect example of how new technologies change from the beginning to a final product.  It became a bit more complex to complete as it’s the times we live in.  In 4-5 years and I think I have that time frame correct, changes were made for the better due to newer and more efficiencies becoming available. 

I know I keep mentioning time factors,  but it takes a lot of time and programming with development coding to get the product out and functioning well today.   This is all software as a service so no more client/server required unless you want one on premise.  There’s also the mobile version for the Ipad so this is good they did it all at once to have the full product out there. 

In addition e-MDs now has their portal and you have to love the example clinic name here “Bleeding Edge”.  This of course is for patient physician communications for one and it can be customized for use. 

imageIn addition to continue with tradition e-MDs maintains their specialty for their EHR that is designed to work with a variety of specialties.  They have had those for years before others even thought about this option.  In addition by state they have listed their IT partners who are well versed and trained with e-MDs for installations and other needs.  The company works with many federal REC centers across the country as well.  This is something I have not seen before and maybe it has been there but Roadshows coming across various metropolitan areas are scheduled too.  So this is a good show here, finally the next e-MDs solution, in the cloud accessible from anywhere.  BD

NEW ORLEANS (HIMSS13, e-MDs Booth #6413) – March 4, 2013—imageToday at HIMSS13, e-MDs, a leading provider of electronic health records (EHRs) and practice management (PM) solutions, unveils Solution Series 7.2.2, the newest version of its top-rated Solution Series suite of products that improves the clinical, financial and administrative performance of ambulatory practices. e-MDs is also debuting   e-MDs Cloud Solutions, which includes e-MDs Cloud Chart, a robust and affordable cloud-based EHR solution.

e-MDs Solution Series 7.2.2 is the newest edition of the company’s trusted clinical and administrative software. 

It includes enhancements that further automate and strengthen e-MDs’ robust billing and collections capabilitiesimage that support efficient revenue cycle management for medical and billing service organizations.  A variety of clinical tools and optimizations further enhance the clinician experience.  Powerful patient portal upgrades support greater patient engagement—a long-term goal of healthcare reform. Fully functional mobile clinical documentation and e-prescribing are also available through seamless integration with e-MDs nMotion, the company’s mobile EHR.


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