This is pretty neat versus going through surgery if one is a candidate for this type of procedures.  Your stem cells from your hip imageare used and injected into your knee.  It is not covered by insurance and costs around $7000.00.  In the video the man was having trouble standing up and now he’s back to skiing.  The procedure is done in Denver here in the US.  There’s also a clinical trial in the UK for this type of procedure.  The procedure has been around for 8 years and treats those with injuries as well.  It doesn’t work for everyone and is still considered experimental.  BD

Stem Cell Knee Bandage Trial to Begin in the UK

The Regenexx procedure allows you to take your cells and try to heal your body.  Dr. Christopher Centeno pioneered this less-invasive procedure eight years ago.

Stem cells are harvested from a patient’s hip.

“We take those cells, we concentrate them in much, much higher numbers, and then, we place them very precisely in the spot in need of repair,” Centeno said.
The clinic also treats athletes, some as young as 16, with orthopedic injuries. It fits patients like Paul, in their 40s to 80s with joint damage, who still want to push the limits.


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