Just a few weeks ago the company was raided by federal officials suspecting Medicare fraud.  1800 people received emails telling them not to return to work. 

The company is the second largest employer in the San Antonio area and who has not seen one of their commercials over the year.  The government has declined any commenting.  I’m sure we will have more to go on this story as they are pretty deep in debt as well.  BD 

150 Federal and State Agents Raid the Scooter Store in Texas Suspecting Medicare Fraud Billingimage

A Scooter Store employee speaks up tonight - this after
the company put its entire workforce on indefinite furlough.
The FBI raided the company's headquarters in New Braunfels several weeks ago.
The woman we interviewed is one of the 1,800 company employees
that learned late Friday afternoon, at 5:06pm, that she was being placed
on unpaid leave until further notice.



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