So far there has no indication of any abuse but it is still early in the gameimage.  Why they had all the information on the computers instead of a secured server again is beyond me.  All of the patients will receive a letter and the company is urging all patients to go to the website for additional information if they want to be ahead of receiving the letter.

This stands to be a huge HIPAA breach and it happened over a month ago.  Again why patient records are stored on computers is beyond me.  BD

Roughly four million people who've used Advocate Medical Group doctors or services dating back to the 1990s may be at risk for identity theft after four computers were swiped last month.

The computers, inside a nondescript building in Park Ridge, northwest of Chicago, were stolen July 15, company officials said.

The computers didn't contain medical records but did hold patient information, including names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and some clinical information such as treating physicians and department, diagnoses, medical record numbers, medical service codes and health insurance data, the company said in a release.


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