I just read today that Greenway posted a lost for their last quarter due to changing over to web or cloud based services from the old client/server EMR systems.  It was a little over a year ago that Greenway went public with their IPO to raise $100 million, so if investor revenue was raised and they still lost money this quarter, might be one to keep an eye on and see how they come out next quarter.  There could have been some charge back with going public as well.

Greenway Medical Records IPO–Videos and Pictures at NYSE Getting Old as Hospitals and Doctors Struggle for Income And Close
Greenway Medical Records Company Files to Go Public To Raise $100 Million

In addition, Seamless Medical also announced they will be reselling the Greenway EHR and joins the Greenway market place.image  In addition a former Humana executive also started a private insurance exchange a few months ago.  It is interesting to see the EHR folks and insurers getting closer and closer all the time.  United Healthcare owns a few EHR companies in their huge portfolio of subsidiary companies.  BD

One More Insurance Exchange Started by Former Humana Executive–Currently There Are Over 100 Private Exchanges in Place To Compete With State Exchanges

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Aug 13, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Humana Inc. HUM -0.02% , one of the nation's leading health and well-being companies, recently announced its partnership with Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc. to provide integrated technology to primary care providers, which will help doctors and payers exchange clinical information.

The strategic alliance of Humana's Electronic Health Records (EHR) Rewards program and Greenway's integrated solution for EHR, practice-management and interoperability will provide physicians the information and point-of-care opportunities necessary to support patient management and enable automated reporting for contractual performance measures.

Humana's EHR Rewards Program offers financial incentives to assist qualified physician practices in using EHR systems. Specifically, Humana will subsidize up to 85 percent of the cost of purchase of Greenway's PrimeSUITE EHR solution for physicians practicing in the Humana network. Such incentives encourage the sharing of clinical information between Humana and physicians.



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