Last time I wrote the offerings for small businesses went from 1 to zero in California with Blue Cross pulling out so now imagethere’s Health Net to fill the bill in all counties.  The California Insurance Commissioner recently was hammering on WellPoint for their rate increases so one might wonder if this had anything to do with their decision as he demanded they be barred from the small group market, so maybe they just decided to leave on their own.

Small Business California Insurance Exchange Option Went From a Choice of One to a Choice of Zero as WellPoint Pulls Out–Stay Tuned As More Develops

Health Net will offer both PPO and HMO services.  We knew there had to be someone step to the plate sooner or later.  BD

Health Net Life's bid to provide health care coverage to eligible small businesses is accepted for all 58 counties in the state

Health Net Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Net of California, Inc., today announced that the Covered California health insurance exchange has accepted its bid to provide preferred provider organization health insurance policies to eligible small businesses in all 58 counties. Health Net of California is a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Net, Inc. (NYSE: HNT).

"Health Net is excited to be part of the Covered California small business exchange," said Steve Sell, president of Health Net's Western Region Health Plan. "No matter where in the state a small business is located, it will be able to select Health Net plans designed to be affordable and easy to use."

The acceptance of Health Net Life's statewide participation in California's small business exchange follows Covered California's announcement in May that Health Net of California and Health Net Life will offer HMO and PPO health plans, respectively, in the state's individual health insurance exchange.


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