This is not a new approval that has additional claims to do what other drugs can’t do, just one more drug.  It is a once a day pill.  BD

The Food and Drug Administration recently added Tivicay, also known as dolutegravir, to the arsenal of pharmaceuticals availableimage to fight HIV-1 infections.

The drug is a daily pill meant to be taken along with other standard antiretroviral drugs. According to the FDA, Tivicay hinders HIV multiplication inside the body by obstructing one of the key enzymes essential to the process.

“This provides a new option for patients who have HIV,” said FDA spokeswoman Stephanie Yao. “HIV patients are normally treated with a cocktail of three drugs and these drugs are personalized to each patient as they are needed.

Four trial studies for the drug involved more than 2,500 participants. Side effects include insomnia and headaches. The drug has been approved for patients 12 and older that weigh at least 88 pounds, and is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, in Research Triangle Park, N.C.


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