Both the printed version and the website will close on September 9th.  The magazine has been published for 55 years and there’s a lack of revenue and the inability to show a profit today. imageRevenue is only a third of what it was 10 years ago.

Drop in advertisers was a big drop, especially from the pharmaceutical industry.  The Journal of the American Medical Association is not affected and will continue as usual as their focus is research with information not available in other places on the web.  BD

The American Medical Association, the country's largest professional organization for physicians, is shutting down the news magazine it has published for 55 years.
The publication, which also operates a website at, has a print circulation of about 230,000 but has had trouble turning a profit over the last decade, amid declining ad revenue from drug companies, increased competition from other news sources and a steady migration of readers to the Internet.

American Medical News will stop publication on Sept. 9, according to the statement. Its website also is shutting down, but the content will be available until the end of the year. The shutdown will affect 20 employees.

Pharmaceutical advertising accounted for the bulk of revenue for American Medical News, Mr. Easley said. In addition to having to compete harder for ad dollars, AM News saw revenue slow to a trickle in recent years as several big-selling drugs went off patent and as drugmakers shifted focus to specialty products, rather than more broad-based blockbuster drugs, he added.


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