If you have not seen this, a good report on how yet one more area of greed is hurting seniors with dementia and Alzheimer's being placed in Assisted Living Care facilities when nursing homes are more appropriate. The care or lack of I should say here is scary and there’s that awful ringing of money bells once again with the same issues that doctors have at hospitals, image“fill up the beds” and admit patients, and that does happen at hospitals and you won’t hear doctors talk about it either as they would be kicked out of being on staff if they did. 

Emeritus is sold on the stock exchange of course and there comes the pressure to make money for share holders.  I think some businesses are not meant to be for profit and this is one of them.  Not too long ago I wrote about a United Healthcare subsidiary which is “hospice for profit”.  I used a hospice service for my mother who passed away recently and I can say that I am so glad I used a non profit as the United subsidiary would probably have pounded me with stats and studies, etc. when that was not the time for it, as that’s how they operate, money and shareholders are number one.  Read more here about how big insurers stay under the radar too so you don’t even know sometimes if you are doing business with a subsidiary of a huge conglomerate.  According to this report, nothing is changing.  BD 

Watch Life and Death in Assisted Living on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.



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