If you are a US employee working for an Indian owned IT company looks like United Healthcare and their partner, Hanna Global will have a new health imageinsurance exchange to service this niche.  United did say they would limit their participation in US Health insurance exchanges a short while back and it looks like they are out creating their own exchanges instead.  Just this week United bowed out of participating in the Wisconsin exchange. 

We know with all the quants and business intelligence algorithmic formulas and contracts United has they probably designed this with their analytics as a good guess.  This move follows along with their focus with employer provided insurance.  By the way, have you ever seen the number of subsidiaries the company has..truckloads of them..more at the link below, with everything from housing, medical records, consultants for the FDA and so on.  BD

Health Insurance Business Under the Radar With Tiered Subsidiaries–Where All the Action Takes Place With Mergers, Acquisitions and Profit Centers-Subsidiary Watch

CHENNAI, India--(BUSINESSWIRE)-- Hanna Global Solutions (HGS), a global human resource and employee benefits management and consulting company, today announced the launch of their unique U.S. Healthcare Exchange solution, developed specifically for Indian companies with employees in the United States. This solution has been developed in partnership with UnitedHealthcare (UHC), the most diversified health care company in the United States.

The HGS Healthcare Exchange offers employees more choice, more control and the opportunity to buy a health benefit plan that better meets their needs, including the chance to access coverage at a lower cost depending on the plan selected and the individuals’ health status. In addition to medical insurance, employees will be able to choose dental, vision, life and disability insurance plans from this exchange.

An employer decides how much they want to contribute or subsidize for the employees. The employees then use the subsidy to select the plan design and coverage level that best meets their personal needs.



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