This is interesting to watch how different companies in healthcare are expanding in some areas and retreating in other.  Aetna for one pulled out of the Colorado insurance market a while back and they continue to leave other markets.  Just the size of the number of employees should give all an indication today as the time and expense required in healthcare today.image  It is something that most may not even think about.  The plan is grow to approximately 700 employees when full staffed.  It sounds like they have all the “green” IT options in place as well.  In Ohio Kaiser is trying to sell their operations by contrast.

Kaiser Permanente Working On Deal to Sell Their Ohio Operations to Catholic Health Partners–Not Making Any Money Here

In addition to Epic Medical Records, Kaiser is a big client with Oracle, relying on their Identity Manager software for security, same as what Harvard and a few other places use.  Video at the link below from the Kaiser IT department along with a couple Oracle related links. 

Kaiser Permanente Using Oracle Access and Identity Manager for Healthcare Security And Some Other Oracle Solutions at Harvard and University of Maryland

What I found interesting as well is the use of the Bloom Boxes by Kaiser and I would guess they are in place here too.  IT/Data  centers use a lot of power.  There’s a 60 Minute segment video at the link below that tells you all about them, EBay, Google and others use them too. 

Kaiser Permanente to Install Bloom Box Fuel Cells at California Facilities

Kaiser is now also one of the largest employers in Colorado and they have plans for more additional clinical medical facilities in the near future.  BD 

Nearly 350 employees are now working at the new information technology center opened by Kaiser Permanente in Colorado on Aug. 22. Kaiser officials say they want to fill an additional 95 positions there by year's end.

By 2015, Kaiser Permanente anticipates that some 700 professionals will work at the new IT center. Some of the new positions currently being recruited there include solutions architects, managers/directors, software developers, project/program managers and programmers.

"As healthcare evolves, there is an increased demand for IT solutions and support to deliver quality patient care," said Phil Fasano, executive vice president and chief information officer, in a statement. "This new IT location is a center of excellence where best in class employees use technology to ensure the delivery of high-quality, affordable healthcare to Kaiser Permanente members living in Colorado and across the country."

With more than 6,000 staff in Colorado, Kaiser Permanente is one of the state's largest private employers. This December, it will open a new multi-specialty center in Lone Tree, where approximately 130 positions will be new hires, officials say. As Kaiser adds new membership in Colorado, it's estimated that hundreds of additional jobs could be created in the state in the next three to five years.,17,24


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