I almost feel like this is somewhat of a public service post here as I have read so many stories about patients trying to get copies imageof their medical records and if they are still “paper” records, well that takes a bit longer as we all know.  Sometimes you luck out and it’s not that hard, but every office, hospital, medical entity is different, so if you get stuck here’s a company for what seems like a reasonable fee, will chase them down for you.

The company is a division of another company “Datafied” it appears and there’s a little more information on their website as well.  The company goes out and scans your records if needed and you can download them online.  You get an email when your records are available.  The web page states they are HIPAA compliant.  Do check to see which metropolitan areas for their coverage. 

What is also interesting here is their sister companyimage called Retireddoctor.com where a physician can send off the patient records to make sure they are available for patients and how many articles have you read about paper medical record dumps, too many.  The records get scanned and they handle the transition to transferring to the new doctor for the patients.  I don’t have any idea what the cost is and it would depend on the number of files, etc. but  this sure beats getting fined or going to jail with trying to dump off paper medical records somewhere and everyone is happy. 

They have a web interface to where it looks like you can either do it all online or you can also reach them by phone.  BD 

OrderMedicalRecords.Com, a leading company specializing in the release of information, recently launched a new website. The website facilitates the secure ordering of medical records over the internet through online submission and authorized record collection services. Corporate entities and professionals, as well as individuals and families, now have the option of online ordering.


As companies and professionals narrow down their business practices to very specialized activities, the need for high-volume medical records acquisition becomes more and more prevalent. At the same time, the volume of individuals requesting medical information for themselves or their loved ones is also increasing, as members of society become more assertive in their own medical care needs. To fill the gap, OrderMedicalRecords.Com (OMR) stepped forward to become a proficient procurer of records that require release of information.

In addition to other record ordering formats, including over the phone, mail, or fax, the new website now makes it possible to request medical records online. The new online format streamlines the ordering process making it simple and straight-forward. It can be used by corporate entities desiring bulk record acquisitions as well as individuals desiring their own records. Clients may also use the website to check the status of their orders. Data security policies are strictly adhered to and all processes and information that are handled through the website are protected using data encryption and other appropriate data security measures.



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