Here we go again with digital illits at the top of the helm making statements as such and anyone in technology knows there could be all kinds of glitches and issues unplanned that could pop up.  It would make more sense to me that such a statement be held off until testing is done.  They were not even going to test at first and again there’s the digital illit thinking again coming forward.  After the Healthcare.Gov roll out “trust me” doesn’t mean much at all.  Nobody in their right mind wants to sit back and delay for the sake of delaying it but you haveimage to be a realist and take things a step at a time. 

Nobody wants a roll out of ICD10 like do they?  Billing companies and clearinghouses still need to do more testing as well.  There’s money involved here as well as planning for additional time for rejected claims and extra time needed for reimbursement.  Anyone who doesn’t think delays with payments won’t happen, better have their head examined.  The AMA is still on their crusade to stall the implementation date as well.  The US is the only country with such an intricate billing system with layers of complexities when you look at what other countries do. 

ICD10 The Sleeping Monster In The US Health IT System, Other Countries Using New Codes For A Better Clinical Diagnosis While US Tends To Focus On Coding Better Payments

But wait…if there’s a problem…well don’t hold your breath…much of the software is being sold with a “hold harmless” clause too…so spin the roulette’re not going back on the developers for any malfunctions here. 

ICD10 Software Being Sold With “Hold Harmless” Clauses–Sign of the Software Development Times?

One hospital had to go out and try to get a line of credit to plan for ICD10 as they are that close to where two months of delayed payments would shut the hospital down as they have almost no reserves.  If there’s major glitches with payment it’s going to be a war out there for sure and for good reason. 

Hospital In Wyoming Says They Are Too Poor To Handle ICD Coding Changes Next Year–Don’t Have A Big Enough Bankroll To Cover Transition Period With Reimbursements–Would Need To Get A Bigger Line of Credit If They Can

Again I think such a statement would be better off made after some testing has been done, again it’s the anticipated delay with reimbursements that is the issue more so than just the software expense.   BD 

The message that we want you to take back with you is that ICD-10 will go forward," said Denesecia Green, lead for the enterprise e-health operations and governance administrative simplification group in the CMS Office of E-Health Standards and Services. "What we need to do as a health care industry--payers, clearinghouses, vendors, and the like--is to really come together around this initiative. If we can come together, we can make this successful and also reap the benefits of ICD-10." At a CMS Town Hall session earlier in the week, Robert Tagalicod, director of the Office of E-Health Standards and Services, emphatically stated that the October 1 ICD-10 date "is a firm one."

According to the announcement, providers that "represent a broad cross-section of provider types, claims types and submitter types" will submit test claims to CMS with ICD-10 codes and receive remittance advice explaining the adjudication of the claims. In addition, from March 3-7, CMS will offer ICD-10 acknowledgement testing. This front-end testing will allow all providers, billing companies, and clearinghouses the opportunity to determine whether CMS will be able to accept their claims with ICD-10 codes.


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