I’m no fan of Facebook being a privacy advocate but putting these videos here toimage show how money is pulled out of thin air.  Social networks are fine and we use them but in the last couple of years, they have become more than that and it primarily one of the reasons people can’t tell the difference between virtual values and real values anymore.  Larry Ellison said it well…so when you watch the PBS documentary see what’s happening to the kids and further yet see what big corporations and movie companies are doing to maximize the addictive algorithms..to make money.  So as you read about today’s acquisition which as I understand is going to be a separate entity, here’

Larry Ellison, CEO Oracle, HCM Conference Keynote–”Be Careful About Virtual Relationships With Artificially Intelligent Pieces of Software That’s Smarter Than You“, It’s Really All About People”–Algo Duping and the Killer Algorithms Living Amongst Us…(Update) Video

Some of it is kind of sad as they are addicted and it somewhat breeds a bit of insecurity and I know it’s not going away by any means but it does impact the loss of tangibles in the US and maybe the world for that matter.  The documentary focuses quite a bit on “what’s behind the technology”…and again when you look at how Wall Street inflates values of complete intangibles, that doesn’t do much for the job market.  


Here’s a couple other related videos from YouTube that explain further how the marketing works.  The first one shows a comparison to YouTube and how the marketing is clear compared to what you don’t see from Facebook. 

The Problem with Facebook

The next one here shows the money made fake “likes” and there are companies that pay people to do all these fake likes.  He says it’s overseas, but I get a ton of them in my junk mail offering me the same opportunity.  Of course I ignore them but the Fake likes are done by a lot of Fortune 500 companies and from what I have read they pay every week right on time and the participant gets a list of “likes” to complete and where.  BD

Fake Likes



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