The senator gets a dose here and there of my privacy advocacy and my campaign to license and imageexcess tax ALL data sellers as it could be a broker, an insurance company, a device maker, a bank, a bottom feeder like e-scoring who ride the tales of being a credit broker but is not categorized as such and many more. 

e-scoring Credit Algorithms Invisible To Consumers Used to Market and Evaluate, Does Not Fall Under Federal Law And Such Are Used by Insurance Companies - How Will This Work With Exchanges –Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 42

This is a second group of hearings by the Senator relative to the data sellers, and again brokers are only a small part of the issue as privacy and data selling is tied at the hip.  In healthcare we have found 3rd party vendors guilty a few times of data breaches and one was with a company showing a potential investor on Wall Street, actual patient records a while back.  When the sales rep’s notebook was lost she had to fess up. 

Senator Rockefeller Puts the Data Sellers on Notice–We Need to Index and License All Data Sellers to Include Banks, Insurers And Other Companies In Addition to the Data Brokers..

From the website here’s the most popular lists being sold from MEDbase.  You can even get the AMA mailing list there too.  If you are a doctor, you can see what they collect and offer for sale beyond an email list hereoffer for sale beyond an email list here. 











Medbase is a unit of Integrated Business Services and had been offering a list of rape sufferers on it’s website so that’s why they made the list.  Via Slashdot below…

' In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Integrated Business Services Incorporated President Sam Tartamella initially denied that his company maintained or sold databases of rape victims. After the Journal provided him a link to the 'rape sufferers' page, he said he would remove it from Medbase200's website and denied ever having sold such a list. The page was removed later Wednesday."

FTC too seems to just ignore this issues and epidemic of data selling but when you look at the whole scenario it’s destroying the economy as it’s the wild west with nobody watching or wanting to get involved.  You can’t regulate anything thing here unless you require a license to identify all the players.  BD 

Washington, D.C. — Senator Rockefeller sent six hard-hitting and precedent-setting letters to data brokers today. This was the Senator’s direct follow-up to the information WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon revealed in her December 2013 data broker testimony at the Senate Commerce Committee, which Sen. Rockefeller chairs. Among the data brokers receiving the letters was MedBase200, which Dixon testified about as creating lists of consumers based on highly sensitive medical conditions. Additional data brokers from Dixon’s testimony about vulnerable consumers were included in the letters.


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