Ok I had to say that in the title…as marketing and what folks and corporations today imageis pretty nuts and so this is product so I guess with the Bluetooth connection here they want to make sure they get one of these e-cigarettes Bluetooth devices  in your hands, even to just carry around as a microphone and music player, as that would be advertising for them, a strange form of “product placement”…(grin). 

This was just one of those oddities that I couldn’t pass up.  So again you have the device as a microphone and music player and never have to even look at the e-cigarette part of it. 

It has buttons on it to make your cell phone hands free and has a USB charger.  CVS was so outrageous with their tobacco campaign and least we forget they had two stores busted by the DEA last year for oxycontin rolling out the doors too so this is just kind of fun to poke back a little bit as the tobacco announcement which I’m sure helped push some of the stock buy back they have on going on to move a little faster.   What will we see next? 

CVS Tobacco Announcement–Good Marketing, Good Ethics, Good PR, But What Does It Have To Do With Filling Prescriptions And What Will Replace The Revenue Streams…
Blue Tooth Supersmoker:)

We've been punked, right? This thing can't possibly actually exist. We've seen plenty of ridiculous inventions in our day, but a combination electronic cigarette and speakerphone? What the what? According to the people behind this abomination, the Supersmoker Bluetooth "aesthetically combines the convenience of electronic smoking with modern-day technology." (Given that there are bigger fish to fry here, we'll forgive them for calling a speakerphone "modern-day technology.") From what we can tell, the Supersmoker Bluetooth is real, and it's available now from a Dutch e-tailer in black, silver and gold for the princely sum of €84.90 (about $117). Oh, and it plays music, too.



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