Hey maybe we went about this all the wrong way and should have let Nasdaq OMX design the entire system (grin)..well it would have taken the Facebook IPO  heat off if nothing else.  Hint, that was satire.  We are though just like markets as the mercy of the code running on servers 24/7 and sometimes it’s getting away from us.  Healthcare.Gov had some very dangerous perceptions all the way around….just go get some geeks and get it done.  Well I think that has to change a bit and part of the perceptions are due to what we read in the news too as it used to be simpler and with the way a reporter tells a story today you think well gee anything is possible as you compare working algorithms like this to new scientific breakthroughs..nope not the case. 

Republican National Committee Struggling To Understand Where Virtual Software Models Begin and Leave Off Relative to Health Insurance Exchanges–Continued Strong Belief That “Technology And Algorithm Fairies” Exist In The Real World, The Sebelius Syndrome Proving To Be Very Contagious…

Ok this adjustment was made for a couple of reasons and part of it is to line up the IT infrastructures that run all of this.  The GOP has their bowels in an uproar and I don’t know what they want to do next…start with new algorithms and models?  Huh, huh…that’s enough to start riots about now, so I think they should give that idea up, plus the blame for everything would all shift over to their court.  They don’t want that. We’ve already been through Ted Cruz and Dr. Seuss once, so not again please.  Gov can’t or won’t model.  Didn’t take much for Nancy Pelosi to throw Kathleen Sebelius under the bus recently either.  I’m telling you nobody wants those algorithms to deal with.

Getting Health Insurance In the US Has Become Way Too Complex And Difficult For Many In One Form Or Another With Spastic Algorithms and Math Models That Too Often Fail-Attack of the “Health Insurance” Killer Algorithms With Flawed Models

I don’t think there’s a deep enough understanding that this has to be done a small step at a time for changes and there are changes and adjustments needed. 

US Consumers and Government Are Learning a Cold Hard Reality Lesson About IT Infrastructure Complexities With Models and Algorithms Thanks to Health Insurance Exchanges

So moving on here now we have in the news that this adjustment violate the law…oh no (grin)…I’ll tell you something it’s whole lot easier to change the text in the law than it is to take apart a bunch of connected complex algorithms.  You’re going to start have software engineers die of exhaustion.  This is not a party for anyone.  Again what do I know but I wondered if Deparle and Sebelius has enough business intelligence to put this all together back in 2009.

Nancy-Ann Deparle and Kathleen Sebelius – Business Intelligence?

I have posted many times about Congress getting a tool restored that they could certainly use to help them in complex issues like this, restore the Office of Technology Assessment to help them and I think this way the witch hunts and the pursuit of some of “technology fairies” symptoms of the Sebelius Syndrome would subside and realistic answers might start coming out of all of this.

So what is the “hog ass wild code” you might ask?  Well it’s things like people getting their polices cancelled and having to submit data and reapply and set up some new data for some different algorithm bots to work on…there’s a good example right there…we have complex code all over the place and insurers have take a huge amount of responsibility there as they built a lot of it, not all but a lot that we are stuck working with today. Some is legitimate of course and gives us efficiencies too and that’s the good stuff.  What we don’t know about is this..read the link below…everyone lets high tech crime exist in this country as they are afraid of it and banks love it and play continuous rounds of liar’s poker when they get into trouble. 

Not Only Is It Time to Hold Banks and Corporations Accountable, But Rather Hold Their CEOs, Math Model Creations and Proprietary Computer Code Accountable As Well…

If you have a jay walker, well heck that’s an easy crime to punish…but they can’t get their heads around math models and banks and those touch all of us. So until they come out of the bliss and get down to the source, we have these damn algorithms that run hog ass wild every where you turn.  The problem is that the middle class and lower class for sure can’t take much more of this crap as it takes money out of our pockets too soon without enough time to budget, so why do you think the small business folks got a break..same thing. 

Obamacare for 2014, How In the World Are All Those Algorithms Going To Play Together, World of Complex IT Infrastructures That Are Attached To Almost Every Law On the Books Might Pose Some Issues To Recently Generated House Bills…

Heck by the time that 2016 rolls around there may not be any penalty left to worry about (grin)..hey could happen, we just don’t know.  One minute we read in the news that thanks to Obamacare a new groups got covered..yeah..next article…a different group lost their coverage…booo…it’s like an every day occurrence and heck I can’t keep up with it so how in the world do the folks in Congress that refuse to learn a little math, refuse to hire an agency by restoring the Office of Tech Assessment to help them think they can battle some of these algorithms and make sense…it’s very simple..


I t has always been said the more education you give kids, the better they get along…think this could work in Congress….and yeah I’m not holding my breath..but the reality is “it’s those damn algorithms” so it’s not a bad idea to learn more about how they function and understand they are attaching themselves to laws, like it or not…they are there…digital centric laws needed soon and some simpler algorithms, please.  BD 

The administration had already delayed the implementation of the so-called employer mandate by a year, initially pushing the requirements off until 2015 -- past the midterm elections. In a concession to business, though, Treasury Department officials announced Monday that the administration would not enforce the rules across the board next year.

Instead, the administration will let employers with 50 to 99 employees off the hook in 2015. They'll be required to report on how many workers are covered but will have until 2016 before being required to cover full-time staff or pay a penalty. 

Republican critics blasted the latest delay, using the announcement to renew their call for the law to be entirely suspended or repealed. Though some employers are getting a reprieve under this change, Americans would still be required to obtain health insurance, through what's known as the individual mandate.



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