This is something worth recognizing today I think as we live in a time of technology advances that has never been seen before.  There are two worlds out there and both have their place for sure but when it comes down to “real value” this is something worth a mention as what happens is in the realimage world is always going to trump the virtual worlds.  Some of the models in the virtual worlds just don’t work in the real world as people aren’t like what is built in models.  Models can and do fail and so we have the need to just look beyond a “proof of concept” out there today and see how models really work in the real world. 

Of course models offer tons of financial gains for those who know how to use them too as the average citizen has no clue on how complex they are and we have very smart people out there who know how to write algorithmic formulas for deception and gain.  For goodness sakes, the sub prime disaster could have never occurred without them.  Making money is like drug…nobody better to say this than Mike Osinski…he wrote the software and models all the banks used and abused for the subprime fiasco…so this is where I see Mark Zuckerberg sitting and sure this has evolved over the years as it was not what Facebook was designed to to originally but it’s what it does now. 

Philanthropy efforts of course are always welcome and I almost thing sometimes there might be space under the Giving Pledge for a sub title of “Guilty Pledge”..because they know exactly what they are doing for wealth and how it does hurt people, even with a store front that makes it look less volatile.  It’s only code right?  It’s appears to be his drug right now…and again I see the outside influences here of Wall Street that added to this and when you have the potential of billions for just writing code and building big server farms, I don’t there’s many that would turn it down as it works, over and over and over. 

You can go further with this and when you think back to November when Bill Gates said getting everyone connected to the web was stupid to have over a priority as far as vaccines, food and even toilets, he was right.  I can’t fry a Facebook like button in skillet for breakfast can I?  The progression of getting people connected is going to happen anyway and selling more people’s data faster is not going to help the effort as that and ads is about all that goes on over there. 

That’s where Bill Gates and wisdom far outranks human interests and the ability to use technology for real and tangible efforts rather than this fabricated rush to get everyone connected and writing code as soon as possible in numbers.  So let’s move here and look at the link below.  It’s a very long post but again I talk about the power of proprietary code becoming the law without anyone contesting a thing. 

Not Only Is It Time to Hold Banks and Corporations Accountable, But Rather Hold Their CEOs, Math Model Creations and Proprietary Computer Code Accountable As Well…

There’s other folks out there talking about it too, like MIT… “The Power To Decide”..the point of big data..a good read.  Here’s another one from Felix Salmon…”Why Quants Don’t Know Everything”…but they know how to dupe you right in for profit. 

“Once quants disrupt an industry, they often don’t know when to stop—and they create systems that encourage cheating” and you have Quants at Facebook too.  I was hoping that at Davos this year that Bill Gates would be able to convey more of how balance is needed between the virtual and real world and looks like it didn’t get done but he’s been trying for years, testifying to deaf ears in Congress amongst many other places. 

World Economic Forum Needs A Dose of Bill Gates To Help World Leaders Comprehend Where Virtual Software Worlds Work and How To Unite With the Real World, Too Much Math In Financials-Nobody Seems To Understand The Mathematical Causes and Effects Of Economic Complexities…

Here’s another clip from Mike Osinski…talking the real world and being able to something about everything with software and how some of its doesn’t work in the real world at all..people are not like all the models created and it’s fantasy land.   Again hat’s off to  Bill Gates and his foundation for being able to see this as I think sometimes without him around how worse things would be without someone being grounded.  Look at the oysters and compare a like button you think?  Where’s the real world?  Watch videos #2 in my footer for more of this and then video #1 too is very good with quantitated justifications that dupe you too. 

Again I can say it enough, I will gladly take the wisdom and the maturity of Bills Gates anyway over the nonsense of having “people connected and this fabricated rush to get more to write code”, it’s happening anyway, look at the tons of start ups out there.  Why does Facebook need to partner with a bank in the UK, Barclays to fund a start up?  (Web for Everyone)  If you follow that link though the first thing that hits you is a survey, what else.  You can read this post (LieWitnessNews) and see how the value of surveys and information with social networks has the bar hitting the absolute bottom with accuracy for sure.  Well both make money selling your dataimagea vested interest here.  MasterCard and Visa are selling you buying data information to health insurance companies…United and Blue Cross have been documented with news articles and not just me. 

In addition PBS has an upcoming documentary that’s due in February to show how the social networking companies are making money hand over fist with collecting and selling your data as well as exposing you to ads, two things only created gold.  This type of action being top focus leads to even more inequality, versus the path of the Gates Foundation.   To be fair too there’s a lot of data selling going on with Google too so they are right in there as well, but Google does a bit more in some other areas with software creations and now into hardware that what flat out Facebook does selling your data.  Read this, Google will just pop you off if you don’t have a machine compliant name..see what they did to me when their algorithms said I was a real duck..

“I’m Sorry Your Google Plus Name Does Not Comply With Google “Names Policies”…Barbara “Duck Algorithm” & Was Using My Real Name All Along…Killer Algorithms Chapter 52

 Here’s a few lines from the Press Release from PBS…”Generation Like”…

“In Generation Like, an eye-opening follow-up to FRONTLINE’s 2001 documentary The Merchants of Cool, author Douglas Rushkoff returns to the world of youth culture to explore how the perennial teen quest for identity and connection has migrated to social media — and how big brands are increasingly co-opting young consumers’ digital presences.

“Today’s teens don’t need to be chased down by corporations,” Rushkoff says. image“They’re putting themselves online for anyone to see. They tell the world what they think is cool—starting with their own online profiles. Likes, follows, retweets, and favorites are the social currency of this generation.”

And they’re a very real currency for marketers: instead of selling the product to the teenage audience, the idea is to get the teenage audience to sell the product to itself — and for corporations to collect big data in the process.”

In the social media age, does the division between marketing and authenticity still exist? What’s the hidden alchemy that brands are using to capture Generation Like? And who are the people behind the curtain making it all happen?

Jimmy Kimmel says it pretty good too..value??

So again I’ll take the wisdom of Bill Gates any day over this nonsense and data selling business for sure and sure social networks have a right to exist and I use Twitter myself as it’s the least harmful of all and does offer efficiencies besides but the others “take my time” and focus…I had a Facebook account a long time ago, maybe for about a year, and dropped it and this even before the big money machine cranked in as it was disrupting my work.

 The Gates Foundation creates tangibles and values we need to live…the like button could go away any day and nobody will die without it.  I said the movie HER is a real good example of where folks are confused today with the steroid marketing and Wall Street shenanigans on placing value here on a bunch of algorithms that just connect you and sell your data.  Keep in mind it takes banks working with software and web technologies together to create the money making mess that fools you on value, and this is the next attack after sub prime but they have been able to make it “feel” like fun this time.  Here’s a company that was creating software for those autistic, but dumped that and jumped in to make a right turn and sell it to marketers that want data for profits. 

Movie “HER”– Good Example On How Folks Can’t Separate And/Or Unite The Virtual With The Real World, Billionaires Are Made Out of Those Who Know How to Keep These Areas “Gray” With Creating and Maintaining The Addictive Code That Does It…

Plan of action to get the real world in here is to begin start licensing and excise taxing All data sellers, so we know who they are, what kind of data they sell and to who.  No privacy laws can do a thing without first establishing an index on who you want to regulate.

When I compare the two I see more of a true “Giving Pledge”image with Bill Gates and more of a “Guilt Pledge” from Mark Zuckerberg with philanthropy efforts and commitments as he knows how he’s making his money…but that’s just me and my view. 

Here’s my two year campaign at the link below to begin a process of regulation as now with the data selling epidemic, code just runs “hog ass wild”…and consumers have no say at all and we continue to see more and more online ventures lining up to sell more data. 

Senator Rockefeller Puts the Data Sellers on Notice–We Need to Index and License All Data Sellers to Include Banks, Insurers And Other Companies In Addition to the Data Brokers..


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