I have been writing about this for quite a while now and recently wrote about the movie “HER” and I did not realize that it was his daughter that produced the movie.  It was during the question and answer portion ofimage Ellison’s keynote that this topic came up and I was glad to hear him address it.   I used to be a developer and wrote code and perhaps like others I see it before the layman.  Well let’s I have been about a year or better out on this.

He was giving the closing keynote for the HCM conference in Las Vegas.  I think it was a natural fit if you will as HCM is all about the Oracle human resources social software sold by Oracle.  The HCM Social Software allows people within a company the ability to communicate better and works in the cloud. 

Mr. Ellison said he’s very disturbed with seeing kids doing nothing but playing with software on phones, computers and missing out on “being a kid”.  He next talks about the movie and how a man after a divorce settles for a “virtual” relationship and I’ll tell you there are people about half way there today.  Kids and adults are locked up in the “virtual self” he says.

Go on a dating site and you see it all over the place.  People don’t know how to talk to each other and are so tied into what they see on the screens with the queries.  It makes me nuts and also sad to see that behavior as the sites are created to make money today with “click bait”…they don’t care if you ever meet someone.   If one is smart then you circumvent, stay away from all the queries and use the site like a human would with simply finding people with similar ideas, etc. and “do it like a human”…here’s what I wrote a few weeks ago…

Movie “HER”– Good Example On How Folks Can’t Separate And/Or Unite The Virtual With The Real World, Billionaires Are Made Out of Those Who Know How to Keep These Areas “Gray” With Creating and Maintaining The Addictive Code That Does It…

Just last week Larry Ellison’s Foundation gave $100 million to the Gates Foundation for work on polio and last year provided $20 million to the cause.  Thank goodness have have some real maturity here with both Ellison and Gates, a far cry of course from what we see with Mark Zuckerberg, who’s been noted as one of the biggest givers this last year with philanthropy.  When you look at what Oracle and Microsoft have done, they created value with software that helps productivity and helps us run our companies better and boosts productivity.

There’s just no comparison of that value to what Facebook does as it mines and sells our data, drops it out imageall over the internet and comes up with more ways for us to waste our time.  Sure there’s some communication values there and it’s not what I think he set out to create but it’s “click bait” haven now with both the legal and fake “Like” routines with a big fire hose that controls and moves what you read by the algorithms.  Due to what it does and grew into, I kind of fell his participation in the “Giving Pledge” is more like “The Guilty Pledge” if you will.  If it went away tomorrow, folks would survive but if Oracle and Microsoft went away…well they can’t as there’s way too much business value and client that depend on their software.  He’s made riches just harvesting data and querying it every which way he can think of for goodness sakes. 

Now we have the “good part” and of course the maturity of Larry Ellison really shows through here.  I watched the broadcast live and it was impressive as with both Larry Ellison and Bill Gates, they both function in the real world, versus what Facebook does.  They use technology to create “real world solutions and efficiencies”.  As Larry Ellison says in his keynote, they used Facebook screens as a model so people would not have to learn a bunch of new looking screens but that’s not the first time that’s been done and a good choice to keep the learning curve down and Oracle HCM is integrated with all Oracle’s products and is an internal social network that can reach outside when needed to connect for business.  At the end of his keynote is a great Q and A and not only myself but many others on the web went crazy over one question about what bothers him and he was right on target and said something we all relate to.  He talked about the Hawaiian Island and using salt water to create drinking water.  Computers will be distributing the water through the island. 

The entire keynote is good but if you want to fast forward to the Q and A advance the video to the 39 minute point, and he said ask about anything.  He said he welcomes folks back to Oracle who leave to follow a dream and if it doesn’t work he says you can come back to Oracle.  He says folks that leave the company and come back are much more matured and bring even more value back.  It’s big mistake he says when big companies have a no hire back policy.image  He gets asked about ‘human behavior”..and talks about his daughter making the move “HER”…”a guy with a piece of software” he says about the movie. 

The man chooses a virtual reality in talking about the movie HER and then Ellison goes into “how he is so disturbed” with kids just doing nothing but playing video games (crows applauds).  Kick in about the 59 minute mark to catch this discussion. 

Kids are choosing virtual worlds.  He talked about his childhood, riding a bike and doing things a kid does.  He thinks virtual balls versus real games is not cool.  Virtual reality is very bad for kids he continues on and again I say there adults like this out there too.   In the virtual world you can always “win” he continues on. He talks virtual relationships and the virtual partner keeps telling you how great you are he says. 

He says “be careful about virtual relationships with artificially intelligent pieces of software, that’s smarter than you are, than can be bad”…he says part of technology have very negatively impacted children. Great video…

I was even hoping that Bill Gates would be able to address this at Davos too and wrote about it then as well. 

World Economic Forum Needs A Dose of Bill Gates To Help World Leaders Comprehend Where Virtual Software Worlds Work and How To Unite With the Real World, Too Much Math In Financials-Nobody Seems To Understand The Mathematical Causes and Effects Of Economic Complexities…

Larry has not given up on “humans” he’s divorced 4 times and keeps going at it.  When it comes to Healthcare, tie those folks up to get better to the machines and the phones…well this is nothing new either as for at least 4 years I have been writing about not leaving the human out and too many are sucked into the technology phases to where to save money, get those folks attached to those machines.  Insurers have been going overboard on this for years, even to where we have studies and bullshit reports out there that extend predictive analytics on how much money will be saved if we get these “evil twins” in society hooked up to behavior analytics and fix them. 

Machines don’t fix people, people help fix people and one has has to want to be fixed and the reliance on other people with some technology can work but not to the fairy tales we read out there.  I even got to the point where a little satire was due on this topic stating Congress needs a wellness portal so we could start doing live risk assessments on them.  If you want to see yet another example of confusion with virtual versus real values, look at what Covered CA didthis one is such a perceptual miss. 

In addition we have the head of HHS running around looking for “Algo Fairies” too…strange woman with strange perceptions that doesn’t seem to want to learn as I call it “the Sebelius Syndrome” and others besides here suffer from it too, I just gave her the name as she’s so visual in the news with all her blunders and even Nancy Pelosi, had no problem throwing her under the bus. 

Congress Needs a “wellness portal” As Predictive Behavior Analytics And Behavior Modification Is Needed So Consumers Can Start Scoring Congressmen To Create Risk Assessments Along With Adding Pay for Performance Assessments To Their Positions….

My inbox every day is full and very little of it has value, and there is some but I look at the way those marketing me present it, and so much is just “click bait” to buy or read something.  There’s nothing wrong with marketing but it’s out of control today with news medias looking for new revenue streams and they are just about doing anything at some point in time.  We have too many models out there that just “lie” and deceive, just to make money.  

Quantitated Justification For Believing Things That Are Not True And Using Mathematical Processes To Fool Ourselves-The Journalistic Bot Functionality Debuts As Media Can’t Resist the Formulas…

Why is Healthcare such an issue…here’s yet another “Quack” archive…it’s the continuous rise and fall and rise and fall of the machines…I’m really glad we have “adults” around like Larry Ellison and Bill Gates that are addressing the realities of technology.  You cans search this blog and watch the 4 videos in the footer here if you want to get a “hold” on what’s happening out there with abuse of technologies.  It’s been going on for years.  Also the Algo Duping/Killer Algorithm page has some great videos and links to cue you in as well.  Here’s another great interview with Larry Ellison on privacy..he calls it out just as I have been saying here…put the NSA as your second worry, look at what private industry is doing first as it reaches out and touches you every day.  I have embedded the video again here and you can read my commentary at the link below. 

Larry Ellison Talks With Charlie Rose About Google, Privacy, the NSA and More, Reiterates That You Need To Worry More About What Data Private Industry Collects and Uses And Less About the Government

Recommended Reading: “Where’s the Outrage Over Private Snooping?” “The Killer Algorithms Have Teeth & Don’t Care Who They Might Bite

The Killer Algorithms series I started over 2 years ago is true and they are here.  It was the basis of the Occupy Movement and they didn’t even know what they were protesting but they knew something was not right and that was enough. 

His daughter Megan, with growing up in the tech world and being exposed has given her a ton of insight here and the messages we see in her movies are great, again especially with “HER”.  She sees it ahead of time as well by just growing up in the environment I think.   She also produced American Hustle which is also up for many awards.

Myself, it’s hard at times too because I come across people who are wrapped up in the Algo Worlds and they say things and have strange perceptions out there.  I just shake my head sometimes and even myself I can get a little carried away with too much time with technology but the cure that works for me is getting out in the real world.  I told some folks on Twitter the same thing the other day, it balances you to do so and we all need balance and none of us are exempt from some of it taking over at times.  It’s just something to be aware of as you can get yourself out into some wild spaces of justifications and perceptions at times if you read enough content that tells you over and over that “this is it” and  articles that say “you must have this”, or “you need to know”…those are captivating news titles that might be sucking you in. They work great as they are tremendously convincing and some are just “click bait” too. 

I just had someone I know from the NISS write to me about the absurd and he sent me an article and said “read and weep” and it has to do with what perceptions some scientists have out there about predictive analytics and the need to replicate your own study and make sure you are in control of the replication process? If your work is correct and on target, there should be no problem replicating it.  Anyway just another example on how  perceptual nonsense works and the problem is separating the “junk” from the good stuff and it’s getting pretty gray out there. 

Here’s another archived post…healthcare is just like the markets any more, it’s all about how the algorithms come out to play which defines your individual experience, same as buying and selling stock, everyone gets a different experience.  We should trash the term “human capital” as a few years ago it was ok but not what it has morphed into today. 

Obamacare for 2014, How In the World Are All Those Algorithms Going To Play Together, World of Complex IT Infrastructures That Are Attached To Almost Every Law On the Books Might Pose Some Issues To Recently Generated House Bills…

One thing for sure is all of us older folks have a period in time to compare with prior to technology, but the younger generation doesn’t have it, and that’s sad as they don’t know. It’s up to us to step up to the plate.  I’m doing my best here.  If you want to dig in deeper, time to hold banks and companies responsible for their proprietary code that manipulates you and takes your money, and common sense for that matter.  I’m just worried now that there’s too many adults sucked in beyond return at times (grin).  I run across them all the time.  There was a story on the web recently about a guy who used all kinds of code and mathematical wizardly to find a mate…it was a sad story indeed as dating is supposed to be fun, not analytical work.  I don’t care if one is or is not a math genius bottom line is we are all still humans…again a very sad story as the poor guy lacked balance along the line.  Sure it entertained us but again dig below the surface for the real issues here I say. 

Not Only Is It Time to Hold Banks and Corporations Accountable, But Rather Hold Their CEOs, Math Model Creations and Proprietary Computer Code Accountable As Well…

When you think about it, this study might have some real validity with people being afraid of math as those who are not prey on the ones that are and the make big money doing it. 

“Algo Duping” – PLOS One Journal Publication Explains Why The Fear of Math Plays a Big Role As One Underlying Reason We All Get Duped And Those Who Don’t Fear Math Take All the Money, Gradually, Using “Mathematical Formulas & Algorithms”

So in summary, a great presentation by Larry Ellison and nice he took time to get up close and personal…as a human..we all need that today…Again take time out and watch the videos in the footer here that I curated…that is if you want to get beyond the belief in Algo Fairies and look for more balance on how you can get manipulated with computer code from other entities  that lack enough ethics out there today.    BD



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