Well here’s the next step for some and there’s no count on how many will be involved in the process.  HHS plans some day to have an automated appeals process, but don’t hold your breath right now as engineers are still busy building that back end for the 834 process that was never done.  So if you were one that was denied due to broken algorithms, the appeals process begins before March 31st the article stated. 

So far 22,000 have appealed due to the broken algorithmic processes of the website and have appealed to CMS.  So the appeals process will help those who’s algorithms didn’t work when applying for health insurance. 

Getting Health Insurance In the US Has Become Way Too Complex And Difficult For Many In One Form Or Another With Spastic Algorithms and Math Models That Too Often Fail-Attack of the “Health Insurance” Killer Algorithms With Flawed Models

So when you really look at the big picture here it’s not Obamacare that’s failing, it’s all the algorithms and code that have to make it work are the complex issues.  BD 

Not Obamacare That is Failing, It’s the Models and Subsequent Algorithms that Execute Within IT Infrastructures Intersecting, Changing And Conflicting– The Affordable “Complexities” Act…

(Reuters) - The Obama administration on Monday said it will soon begin hearings to resolve problems for people who enrolled in health insurance through the Obamacare website HealthCare.gov, only to encounter errors including unnecessarily high costs.

The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the lead agency responsible for implementing the healthcare reform law, issued a statement saying it was reaching out to consumers with error-ridden enrollments to help them complete applications for coverage without a formal appeal.

The statement came in response to a Washington Post report that said about 22,000 Americans have appealed to CMS for help fixing enrollment mistakes that have led to excessive charges, enrolled them in the wrong health plan, or denied them coverage altogether.

"CMS is working to fully implement an automated appeals system. Until we have that functionality, we are putting in place a manual review process wherever possible and expect hearings to begin soon," said the agency.

A CMS spokesman declined to say how soon hearings might start. But analysts said a system would have to be in place before March 31, the end of the Obamacare open enrollment period for obtaining health coverage this year.



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