The one device named the “Force” is the product that is being recalled.  You can send back your device and get your money back.   The device has also been discontinued and I assume in time imagethey may create a new model to replace. 

Some Fitbit Users Are Finding Out They Are Allergic To Wearables And Are Developing Rashes…

It might be the nickel metal where some individuals have an allergy perhaps. 

A couple years ago Fitbit had some security issues with data that ended up on the web.

Fitbit Profile Sexual Activity Shows Up In Google Search Results–Default Privacy Settings Allow Search Engines To Post

I don’t know if this policy hand changed or not but you were not able to get “all” your data and a guy hacked his.  Again we all know that the Fitbit and other similar devices do collect and allow your data profiles to be sold.  BD 

Patients Want their Data–This Guy Hacked a Fitbit to Get it Along With The API Algorithms


Fitness tracking company FitBit is recalling, and ceasing production, of its activity-tracker wristband called "Force" after users complained of a rash they'd attributed to the device.

Co-founder and CEO James Park said that the recall was voluntary on the part of the company, and that customers would be issued a full refund.


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