He gets emails and lots of them.  Providers are getting to the breaking point he says.  Mostlyimage what he is getting are people trying to figure out how to survive he says, IT Professionals are on the receiving end of the frustration.  He’s the eternal optimist telling all they will survive.  I would say not being there at HIMSS, this is probably the best and most realistic information you can hear.  I don’t think folks outside of the industry realize how large and complex everything is and I guess you could say that HHS learned a hard lesson with Healthcare.Gov come to think of it. 

She asks him how he manages everything he does.  As an example we know ICD10 is not going to be on schedule and are waiting for the next announcement as right now those providers trying to get past the breaking point might break without relief here. 

ICD10 The Sleeping Monster In The US Health IT System, Other Countries Using New Codes For A Better Clinical Diagnosis While US Tends To Focus On Coding Better Payments

He gets a lot of Meaningful Use questions.  He says some of the emails are group therapy.  The doctor said he would make a brief appearance at HIMSS to hand out his book which is as I understand his entire blog put together in book form.  Security he discusses with risk assessments and the fact that it will never be perfect.  He has 14 different work streams.  You can rad what he had to say about HIMSS at his blog here.

His book was available at the HIMSS bookstore.  If there’s anyone who understands and can talk realistically about Health IT, it’s him and we don’t have to worry about any “algorithms fairies” or perceptual madness here at all when he speaks.  BD  



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