One woman's story on sinus a new procedure has changed much of the methodology...painless....compared to routine sinus procedures...BD 

I was swayed by technology, in particular a new image guidance system that, because of the complexity of my case, would be available to me. The key is an infrared camera system through which a sensor on an instrument placed inside the nose creates an image on a video screen in the operating room.

"This technology has revolutionized surgery," Dr. Metson told me. "The infrared camera tracks the movement of the surgical instruments."

So I went for it. As in most cases, my operation took about an hour and half. It went well, and I had surprisingly little pain afterward. There was also almost no bleeding. As promised, the post-op fatigue was considerable.

Will sinus surgery work? | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Health Columnist Judy Foreman | The Dallas Morning News


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