In southern California Hoag Hospital in Orange county was rated the highest and Kaiser at the other end of the spectrum....2500 hospitals participated in the survey...BD 

ARLINGTON, VA. -- -- Patients treated at Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Southern California were less satisfied than many of those at other hospitals in the region and across the country, according to data released Friday from the first nationwide satisfaction survey. image
None of the 10 Kaiser hospitals in Southern California that participated in the survey exceeded the regional average when patients were asked if they would "definitely recommend" the hospital to friends and family. Kaiser runs the largest hospital system in the region.
Among the 94 hospitals in Southern California that participated in the survey, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach ranked highest, with 87% of patients saying they would definitely recommend the hospital. At the bottom was Garfield Medical Center in Monterey Park, where 42% of patients gave that positive endorsement.

Area Kaiser patients less satisfied than many at other hospitals - Los Angeles Times


  1. BD, do you have a link to the 94 hospital survey mentioned in the article? The link provided by the LA Times only gets us to the homepage of the hospital compare website...where you can only compare 3 hospitals at a time.


  2. Yes you are right and I went back and looked at the link again, and it appears that there's not a separate page for the 94 southern California hospitals, only that 94 participated. The state of California has their own page and this link might help...


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