A blog from a 25 year old debtor who makes way too much money to be in this much debt...asks the question of whether or not he will ever be able to use a Health Savings Account...BD

I used esurance to find a pretty good high deductible health insurance plan for fiance. It has a $5K deductible. So, he's pretty much uninsured, but if he gets into a car accident or something he'll be covered and we'll be out $5K.image
High deductible health insurance policies allow you to start a HSA. This is like a super-IRA. It is not taxed when you put money in (like a traditional IRA), AND it and its growth are not taxed when you take it out (like a Roth) for medical expenses. That's a pretty sweet deal.

Dog Ate My Finances: Is an HSA worth it?


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