A good reason to look in to a hosted service that can do this for you if you have limited resources in IT to constantly monitor...the experts seem to be doing a better job as you have the resources of many versus one individual to monitor...and internally this can grow to just more than one individual too...BD 

San Francisco - Significant debate has recently been given over to the topic of whether or not younger workers will eschew jobs at companies that attempt to limit their access to popular Web sites and online applications, but some companies are already responding to rising security threats by blocking their employees from using work machines to move about the Internet freely.

Large financial services companies have been known to enforce strict controls over the range of sites that their workers are allowed to visit for years, banning everything from Web mail sites and file-sharing systems that could be used to steal data, to sports and entertainment sites that are viewed as potential drains on user productivity.

"Our biggest problem was that people were going to sites and downloading all sorts of?? shareware and spyware that was effectively killing our machines, which is a big deal because the computers in our store offices are connected to our point-of-sale systems, so these attacks were actually effecting our registers, which was obviously a huge operational issue," Stamp said

Attacks pushing Web controls - Yahoo! News


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