With a plan such as RelayHealth, that has the potential to integrate with Electronic Medical Records and facilitate e-prescribing, a data audit trail can track each entry and lab ordering can be done as well through the system...imageand obviously all the needed information is systematically sent to the insurer to document the visit and hopefully make the payment to the physician available...patient pays the same co-pay amount as would be charged in an actual office visit....a built in system takes the place of normal email to ensure all communications are encrypted...lot's of data tentacles that need to reach out and update other health care areas to make this work....BD 

Doctors are finally starting to get compensated for online consultations with patients, but whether the practice will catch on is another story.

Aetna recently took a three-state pilot project nationwide, and Cigna plans to start paying for Web visits next year, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.image 

Both companies contract with RelayHealth, a company that has built a system for secure, online consults for simple health issues. Patients typically pay the same co-pay whether they go to the doctor or have a Web consult. Insurers pay doctors less for the Web consult — typically $25 to $35, according to the Inquirer.

Health Blog : Big Insurers Pay for Online Doctor Visits


  1. My patients really appreciate the occasional online consultation. In addition to saving doctors, patients and insurers time and money, it allows me to follow up with patients and maintain their health.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head...follow up, as that can be done online in many circumstances.

  3. Online consultation will really appreciates because patients can enjoy the services like fixing online appointments, online prescription, online chatting. sms alerts and many more without wasting time by going to doctor and waiting for his number to come and get treatment. So Online consultation definitely helps

  4. Personal Health Records provides benefits such as storing and sharing of patients’ health records ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of patients’ information. This wipes out all the errors, associated with the conventional paper based system. It collects and stores the patients’ health information data from all the sources like hospitals, laboratories, healthcare professionals, pharmacies and insurance companies etc.


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