The world's first REAL-Time insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring more blood and having to prick your finger...information can be sent directly to your physician as well....the monitor can with or without the pump to deliver insulin....BD 

Medtronic says that it has reached the milestone of more than one million sensors for its continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products manufactured and sold. The recipient of the milestone one millionth sensor was Tim Parker of San Jose, Calif. Parker, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 11 years ago, has used CGM therapy for two years to help him manage his diabetes.

Physician services for CGMS iPro Recorder are billed under CPT codes 95250 and 95251. imageThese codes are reimbursed by Medicare in all 50 states and have broad private insurance coverage. 

The Paradigm REAL-Time System relays glucose readings every five minutes from a glucose sensor to the insulin pump, which displays up to 288 readings a day – nearly 100 times more imageinformation than three daily fingersticks. Glucose measurements obtained by the sensor are relayed every five minutes and displayed in three-hour and 24-hour trend graphs, as well as arrows to indicate how quickly glucose is moving up or down.

Medtronic Hits The Million Mark

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