Strong approach, but not allowed...maybe not a done deal yet...there's always an appeal..BD 

The editor of JAMA sounded off today on Pfizer’s unusual and unsuccessful attempt to get behind the curtain on the medical journal’s secretive processes for vetting medical studies for publication.

In short, JAMA said in an an editorial published online today that Pfizer’s subpoenas seeking the inside dope “significantly threatened the integrity” of the journal’s decision-making system. “We firmly believe that ensured confidentiality of reviews allows reviewers to provide professional critiques of manuscripts without fearing potential repercussions from authors.”Pfizer also wanted to get deep in the editorial weeds by seeking comments by and among peer reviewers and editors about manuscripts, revisions and publication decisions. (Pfizer also targeted the New England Journal of Medicine.) But a court recently sided with JAMA and the Archives on keeping the information private.

Health Blog : JAMA Editor: Pfizer Shouldn't Get to Peer at Peer Reviews


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