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This tool provides you with information on how well the hospitals care for all their adult patients with certain conditions or procedures. This information will help you compare the quality of care hospitals provide. Talk to your doctor about this information to help you, your family and your friends make your best hospital care decisions."...BD  

WASHINGTON - What do former patients think about the care they received at your local hospitals? The government wants to make it easier for you to find out.

Federal health officials in recent years have made strides to improve transparency in health care. But measuring how well hospitals do their job can be technical. New patient satisfaction scores, which went online Friday, cover basic premises that just about every hospital patient and their family members can understand.

_Did doctors treat patients with courtesy and respect?   _How often were the room and bathroom cleaned?  _Was the area around the room quiet?  _Did the patient get immediate help after pressing a call button?

Patients rate local hospitals - Yahoo! News


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