New software to allow the legal profession to review and share medical records relative to a trial or court as as a service requires no software installation and available with a web connection....BD 

imageAttendees at each conference will learn how provides law firms, corporate legal departments, paralegals and legal nurse consultants with a manageable platform for case-specific medical records. "In short, allows users to input, store, sort and organize medical records by subject, case or client, share data with team members, and create professional work products in preparation for deposition or trial," says Marousek. 

Users also have the ability to monitor multiple cases in a single view, as well as quickly retrieve other active cases and link electronic document images to each case, or submit documents to SmartCase to scan and post to the case file.

SmartCase, Inc. Displays the Power of Medical Information Management at Two Industry Conferences


  1. Easier for everyone to find the records they need to sue someone else! Not nice.


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