Not good press for Pfizer...more work for the forensics it sounds like with checking some audit trails and other data areas if he signed on at some folks just not get it?  BD 

A Pfizer vice president has been arrested on charges of receiving, possessing and imagedistributing child pornography. Alan Hesketh, 61, was arrested at JFK airport by federal agents Wednesday and is being held without bond, reports the newspaper The Day.

Hesketh, who works on patent issues in the firm’s offices in New London, Conn., is currently on leave from the company, a Pfizer spokesman told the WSJ . The company is “cooperating fully with authorities,” the spokesman added.  He signed on as “Suzybibaby” from his home, as well as from an Internet address registered to Pfizer in New York.

Health Blog : Pfizer Exec Arrested On Child Pornography Charges


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