Finally decided to have a civil service exam for the 6 candidates...basically a charity position that nobody seems to want...BD 

Southern California, breeding ground of cults and quacks, of nudists, sun-image worshipers, gland doctors and colonic irrigators, is also the home of some 7,000 harassed, exasperated physicians, and the second largest general hospital in the U. S.: 23-story Los Angeles County. Built in 1933, the gleaming white skyscraper houses 3,154 beds, serves 50,000 patients a year.  Doctors and osteopaths work in separate wings, seldom speak to each other. For nearly six months it has had no director, and many of its prominent staff members have marched out in a huff.

Last September the County Board of Supervisors began sending out confidential letters to prominent hospital directors from Maine to California asking them if they would like to run the world's largest hospital for $9,000 a year. All said no.  He further advised: "A minimum of $12,000 salary should be offered to the new incumbent, rather than $9,000."

Weird Hospital - TIME


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