New loser dose....daily use....first there is time released and now no time released...can they make up their minds?  Another way to pick up marketing and sales I guess....BD 

Sanofi-Aventis of France is partnering with Eli Lilly image of America’s heartland to give Lilly’s impotence pill Cialis a boost over here.

The effects of Cialis can last as long as 36 hours, earning it the nickname “Le Weekend” pill on the Continent. But Sanofi will be helping sell a daily version of the popular medicine in the good ol’ USA, Dow Jones Newswires’ Peter Loftus reports. in January, the FDA approved low-strength Cialis (2.5 and 5 milligrams) for daily use. When the drug is taken that way, Lilly said, “men can attempt sexual activity at anytime between doses.” Sanofi will be promoting the anytime-formulation to urologists in the U.S., Dow Jones reports.

Health Blog : 'Le Weekend' Pill Gets French Sales Partner in America


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