This was right in my back yard today...protesters also wanted Pacific Care to give the ruling in writing and continued with the demonstration as planned....BD 

Health insurer PacifiCare reversed its denial of advanced radiation treatment for a imagePlacentia teenager, but the youth's supporters went ahead with a scheduled demonstration while waiting to see the company's decision in writing.
The family of 17-year-old Nick Colombo was notified last night that PacifiCare would pay the estimated $100,000 bill for radiation treatment at the Mid America Sarcoma Institute in Kansas City. The family is hoping treatment can begin by next week.

'Life-Saving' Treatment for Teen Denied, Now Approved | News | KTLA The CW | Where Los Angeles Lives


  1. Sadly, a recurring story across the country we see in the news and in the blogosphere. If anyone is unconvinced about the profit driven motives of healthcare, stories like this should serve as a persuader. In some ways the business of healthcare is killing us. One would think such issues like this would be a conflict of interest or an ethics contravention for healthcare organizations.

    Not to suggest that Pacific Care is abdicating its fiduciary responsibilities, they [Pacific Care] do need to maintain the financial integrity of the company. Providing reimbursement for expensive treatments in the absence of prudent oversight is not conducive to maintaining a business. Where does one draw the line?

    Hopefully Nick will triumph over his infirmity.


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