Look for this to be out as soon as this summer.  With the recent post about how easy it is for a hacker to collect your RFID information from a normal credit card, this is indeed good news...and something healthcare might want to entertain for authentication use for medical information soon to identify an individual with online access as well....BD 

Times are getting hard for anyone trying to get away with online fraud. That’s because Siemens, in cooperation with a partner company, has developed an Internet ID card the size of an ATM card that enables users to provide authentication prior to a bank transaction, using a fingerprint and an integrated key. The ID card doesn’t require any additional software or hardware, so it is safe from attacks and can be used on any computer. The solution is slated for market launch in the summer of 2008 at the earliest.image

The ID card is equipped with a fingerprint scanner and six optical sensors.Neither software nor hardware is required for the Internet ID card, which means the Internet user can safely conduct banking business worldwide without a separate TAN list. The monitor displays six rapidly flashing fields that alternate between black and white.

Online banking is just one of many possible applications, though. For users who enjoy activities ranging from online auctions to downloading music, the ID card has 128 keys and in theory can be used for a corresponding number of different online service providers.

New Internet ID Card Prevents Online Fraud


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