Receive emails that delivery important patient safety alerts that are product related and mandated by the FDA....take some of the burden out of the paper trail....get immediate notifications charge and no ads...physicians also can add staff members on their account to receive alerts as well...can also be sent to patients by using secure HIPAA communication tools...this is a centralized location for pharmaceutical companies to place announcements...BD

The not-for-profit iHealth Alliance, a not-for-profit group operated by the for-profit company Medem, plans to launch a Web site that will e-mail physicians to notify them of significant label changes, warnings and recalls related to medications, the Wall Street Journal reports. Currently, physicians receive most notifications by regular mail.
Pharmaceutical companies will pay to use the Health Care Notification Network, which will not include any marketing materials from the companies and will provide access at no cost for physicians who participate.image
Participating physicians will receive e-mails in about two months that instruct them to visit the Web site for new notifications, and the e-mails will focus on their specialties.

New Web Site To Send Medication Warnings to Physicians Via E-Mail - iHealthBeat


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