There are folks walking around with bladders that have been created through this process and it is no longer science long before a heart can be created...they are working on it...and the good news once more about red wine...but not at the trace amounts found...1000 bottles a image day...well that's a bit much for all of us, so they are working to concentrate the molecule...very good reading here....there's also some interesting work going on in the field of general anaesthetics with chloroform providing some medical clues....reducing side more here....BD

"We're actually now able to grow an entire tube of blood cells from scratch from embryonic stem cells. And the beautiful thing about that is, if you start with one of the lines that's O negative, it's universal. It'll match everybody. So you won't have to worry about tissue typing." And for Lanza, the potential of the research doesn't stop there but extends to creating organs.

"We can actually grow these up by the billions," he said. "Simageo we can create, say for instance, an entire heart [or kidney] some day. And some day, if you get into an auto accident, we'll just take a skin cell and grow you up a new kidney."And it's not science fiction," he added. "We're doing this today. We've already grown up entire bladders that are in people."

David Sinclair, co-founder of Sirtris Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Mass., has found a protein in our bodies that could be the key to resetting our biological clocks."We found them by accident. We stumbled upon this molecule from red wine. And when I looked at the computer, [I asked,] what is this resveratrol?" said Sinclair. "And [when I] found that it was in red wine … [well,] I almost fell off my chair. Because of course we have all heard that red wine is good for you."But to see the benefits, you would need to drink about 1,000 bottles a day. Since that was not the solution, Sinclair went back to the lab and found a way to make resveratrol a thousand times more potent.

ABC News: Tapping Into the Code of Life With Science


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