This is pretty neat and loaded it up on my phone and off I go.  It’s pretty straight forward and works fine.  I didn’t have a lot of time to go through all of the screens yet but will do later one.  image

The screens are very similar to what you see on the computer just smaller and if you are used to mobile apps already, then you will get it.  It was very simple to sign in and so forth.  I have my mother on the account and all her information is available for me as well and actually she has more in there than I do.  Just yesterday I posted about a new MIT program that uses a $2.00 piece of hardware that uses the same bar code technology that phones use to scan too, so a lot going with smart phones today.  I might guess in time this might be something to incorporate into HealthVault too.

EyeNetra–Eye Exams in the Palm of Your Hand With a Smart Phone Using Similar Optical Technology as With Bar Codes–Video


I found this other little application while connected where I can watch moles and take pictures so I’m using version which allows only one individual and 3 pictures to see if I like it.  I don’t have ton of moles so will check this out.  I looked through the other apps and again there’s tons of them that do “one thing” and most I don’t feel are worth the time and effort.  HealthVault will have the information from connected devices available so again with doing more than one thing I see some value here.  So how many moles have you seen on a duck?  Maybe I need a feather chaser <grin>. 


And after the healthcare stuff, time for me to check out some ducks so one more duck hunter game, and yes my ring tone is a quack and I wanted to also see what “what’s up with the drunk ducks” too. 

image               image

Last but not least, have to load up my favorite browser, “DUCKDUCKGO”.  You can figure out why I like this one.  Actually is is not bad and is private so right up my ally there with private browsing.  I use it on my main computers too and will be checking out the phone version.  What a Quack I can be at times and the having the current state of affairs on a duck’s health seems to be right up my alley.  BD 



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