This is funny and we all like the Extormity humor but not too long ago I remember Sean over at HealthVault posting a blog post saying the same thing…you have done a good job so now take a break, but Extormity folks have the humor going for sure.

I do have to say as well I would laugh more at this if I didn’t agree as well:)  We know technology works but since all of this kicked into high gear with the Obama administration, things got a lot more complicated, very quickly too, so yeah guys take that chill pill and give the CIOs and others a chance to catch up a bit as they need it, either that or start working in a little more compassion as the cheerleading phase has passed a while back and now folks are just trying to figure out how to do all that is on their plate and quit telling developers they are going to get rich, they may make a lot of money but cool down on the rich speeches as right now on the consumer side we have gluts of software in healthcare that nobody uses and way too much duplication without collaboration. 

Extormity EHR Testimony at Health IT Hearing (Spoof-Video)

All the stuff is starting to look the same anymore with one small tweak so collaboration is what’s really needed to get apps that do more than “one thing” and please don’t mention the pregnant Mom texting program that horse has been ridden too long and is tired.  This humorous video fits the times even more now than it did when Extormity put it out <grin>.  BD 

Paper Charts EHR

Brantley Whittington, fictional CEO of make-believe electronic health record vendor Extormity, is urging Aneesh Chopra, Farzad Mostashari and Todd Park to tone down their optimism and exuberance about the clinical benefits and cost savings associated with implementing health information technology.

Whittington, speaking to reporters from the offices of a K Street lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., expressed dismay at the unbridled enthusiasm exhibited by White House, ONC and HHS officials. "For years, vendors like Extormity have worked hard to cultivate a healthcare IT culture that combines complexity with closed-mindedness, creating a pervasive and stifling sense of futility."

"Instead of the sober and staid leadership we are accustomed to, these gentlemen are inspiring new models of industry development," added Whittington. "The Direct Project is a great example of supercharged public/private collaboration designed to simplify the flow of health information without spending a dime of taxpayer money. This may benefit patients and providers, but the lack of convoluted infrastructure does little for the Extormity bottom line."

"While I have been known to muster up some counterfeit fervor for shareholder meetings, the consistent passion and zeal demonstrated by these officials is proving disruptive to those of us dedicated to proprietary and expensive solutions," added Whittington. "I suggest dialing back the levels on the gusto meter to preserve the status quo, stifle meaningful innovation and ensure consistent and sizable returns to a handful of large healthcare IT vendors."


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