If you missed this, take a look at the video and see how taste and sniffing affects what we eat.  This was done very well and when you see the pallets of “chicken flavor” manufactured, it almost blows you away.  The video covers a lot of how our brain reacts and how sniffing and taste is marketed today.  image

Mother Nature’s tastes and flavors are mimicked with chemicals back at the lab.  You know would we eat as much if chocolate stunk?  That’s just my own thought on the topic here.  The company visited here is located in Switzerland and they have intellectual property coming out of their ears.  Soda pop and chewing gum are big client.  When you see the “bottles” of flavors, it’s mind blogging.  Flavors do create addictions, admitted by those interviewed here. 

The video continues on to talk with former FDA imageCommish Dr. David Kessler who gives his side of the story.  He is bent on getting America to eat right again and if you follow him on Twitter, you can see this with his tweets.  I have exchanged a few tweets with Dr. Kessler.  He gives he point of view saying it’s not the fault of the flavor industry, but just that they have learned what we want and market it well. 

Again this is well worth watching to give you something to think about and the food industry is also responding to create better foods with lower salt but still have good taste.  With such good flavors and aromas, will obesity go down…probably not.  BD



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