Yes it’s that time of the year again to see if Congress will create a permanent fix or imagedo another extension, but those folks on the Hill don’t do math and comprehend big data very well so don’t hold your breath.  We save the committee on debt fail so there’s your first clue as to how rock and scary the SGR topic will probably get this year with leaving doctors once more up in the air. 

This video was done by the TMA and it gets right to the point, as to what will happen to grandma and many of us in a few years who are not there yet. 

SGR and Medicare Reimbursement

About the only healthcare issue that gets much time in Congress is all the talk on abortions from the 70s, while important issues like this get sidelined.  Actually it is Congress and lawmakers at all levels with digital illiteracy that will lead to our demise as they can’t play cards with the American business world using algorithmic business intelligence.  I really don’t know how they hold their face up sometimes as you see the likes of MSNBC, the Colbert report and more ripping them all the time for their illiteracy and being out of touch. 

Digital Illiteracy Still Plagues Law Makers–Severe Focus on Abortion Rights Proves It–Is This Where Our Lawmaking Knowledge Leaves Off or Even Begins? Scary…

Our US CIO left and I’m sure out of frustration of dealing with the illiterates and I imagehave to hand it to him, he hung in there for quite a while. 

Outgoing Federal CIO Says to Focus on Execution-Literal Translation Might Be The “Lawmakers Just Don’t Get It”–Congressional Digital Illiteracy Just Sucks

So you have to wonder, what’s on the the mind of Boneheads of the Hill this time?  BD


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