Back in October the hospital stated they may have to close and the ER rooms are imagethe first stage of this with paramedics stationed outside and there are no doctors on staff to see anyone.  About 1000 employees are affected and patients are being transferred to other hospitals.  As you can read below, no more transplant surgeries.

Hawaii Medical Center Searching for Buyers–If Not Center Could Close As Early as November-Only Hospital in the State Capable of Performing Transplant Surgeries

We are just about bleeding the hospitals dry of money in many area and with the next year it’s almost sad to say we will see more stories like this as there are a couple in New York looking from the red side and getting very close.  This is not a very happy holiday for the employees or the patients by all means.  I don’t know what more we have to endure with cutting hospitals back on money but it’s just not working very well as even hospitals like Cedars Sinai have cut out their mental health services too here in Los Angeles.  BD 

LILIHA and EWA (HawaiiNewsNow) - "We're just trying to be the safety net for the community to make sure that all their needs are being addressed as they roll up," said Kelly Yamamoto, a District Chief with the City & County of Honolulu's Emergency Medical Services.

Posted signs warned the public, then at 7 o'clock Monday morning the doors to both Hawaii Medical Center's Ewa and Liliha emergency rooms were closed to the public. No doctors inside, but paramedics were outside.

"It's a crisis for everyone and everybody is just kind of trying to do their part and make sure that our community is well cared for," said Yamamoto.

Paramedics were there to provide triage or to call for an ambulance if needed. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) hasn't brought anyone to HMC ERs since Friday and it's beefed up its ambulance presence in the community to help.

Hawaii Pacific Health officials say no official negotiations are underway to acquire the bankrupt HMC hospitals and their assets from its largest creditor, St. Francis Healthcare, but the company is monitoring the financial situation closely. HPH Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Sted said, "We continue to stay in touch with the debtor, secured creditors and unsecured creditors to determine if we are able to play a role in the future of these facilities."


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