This is kind of a “no brainer” as far as the cost side as we all know we pay less for generic drugs so the same applies here with a few other bonus points with the fact that doctors and surgeons are involved in the processes to create “what works”.  Currently the company focus is on orthopedic devices and items that are used every day in surgical procedures.  This is video is from StockNewsNow who sponsors the Medical Quack and I do their websites as well so felt it was fair to make that disclosure here.  image

In addition there are some video collections at the site that show many of the new biotech developments and technologies that are at many of the various medical conferences where small companies look to talk with those who have money to finance and keep research and development alive in this area.  If you read the news regularly, then you know how difficult it has become for biotech/medical companies to get funding while everyone sinks dollars into social algorithms, which is part of the big problem today in the US as all seem to think we can base an economy on intangibles and it’s not so. 

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You can find some interviews with hospitals such as Johns Hopkins and Boston Children’s Hospital and see how small biotech and hospital research are coming together from interviews at various conferences held this year

I don’t know why but in looking at this video I just seem to think about Dr. Gary Michelson who won a landmark legal case years ago against Medtronic as he was a practicing surgeon who created and patented many surgical devices and it was found big corporate USA stole his idea, but in today’s world hopefully we won’t see this as these devices do not have IP protection and this is a collaborated effort where everyone stands to win.  Dr. Michelson today devotes his philanthropy efforts into research for animals and donates into the humans area as well. 

Dr. Gary K. Michelson With Philanthropy, Pets and One Who Won over Big Business


From my point of view we have a device maker working with doctors that want to make some money today, but not over top like we see some devices priced today, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.  We certainly can’t object to lower costs as patients and the fact that they are made in the USA as well.  BD  

Internal Fixation Systems (IFIX.OB) is a medical device company that specializes in products that orthopedic surgeons use every day. The company focuses on commonly used, market proven products that do not have IP protections that are designed by world-class surgeons.


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    Generic Medical Devices designs and develops urology devices for patients, families, and health care providers. Its primary product is a sling kit for female stress urinary incontinence and inguinal hernia repair mesh. Thanks.


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