The article says it works even if you don’t have a pulse..not sure why you would imageneed it for a pulseless person.  At any rate it has a pump and cuff to inflate that goes over the arm to redirect blood to the veins and this way it becomes more visible.  The doctor who invented the device is 33 years old. 

The device is non invasive and I have seen other types of vein finders available but this one looks easy and simple, keep it near the blood pressure cuff.  BD 

Robert Perry, MD, a resident at University of Oklahoma Medical Center, has developed a simple device to help clinicians locate vasculature. The EZ Vein device, which  works similar to a blood pressure cuff, redirects blood flow from deep tissue to a selected vein near the surface in order to simplify injection. Unlike tourniquets, the device works in the absence of a pulse. FDA approved the device in only 17 days, reports the Daily Oklahoman.

Perry, a practicing physician develops devices in his spare time. He explained that his product ideas are born out of his practice, where he identifies product needs. “I have a machine shop at house,” Perry told the Daily Oklahoman. “I would see a need and think about, build a prototype and test it and then talk to people in the field, file a patent and come up with a business plan.”


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