The nurses have been without a contract for a few months now and are also talking about working conditions and other items needing attention.  One thing I know about the hospital is that “its is busy” like all the time.  They did remodeling and shifting things around in the last couple of years to ease people waiting in the hallways that existed a couple years ago in the ER area. 

What is odd here is that over 75% of the nurses showed for work though.  The Children’s Hospital is new and state of the art and I did a walk through interview with the CFO just before it opened a while back.  BD 

Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach – Brand New Pavilion Carries Focus on Patients and “Green”

Hundreds of nurses from Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children's Hospital staged a one-day strike Thursday over failed contract negotiations and staffing issues.
Equipped with bullhorns and whistles, the nurses stood by the main entrance of the hospitals on Patterson Street and Atlantic Avenue. Many waved picket signs that read: "If nurses are outside, something's wrong inside" and "Safe staffing at all times."
Amid the yelling and cheering for every car horn honk they got, the nurses sang out chants.
The California Nurses Assn. has been working without a contract since Sept. 30 and has been at odds with hospital management over staffing conditions and rising costs of healthcare premiums.,0,6707464.story


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