Claims not paid as the premium was paid 56 cents short...BD

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- A Louisville man who thought he had insurance coverage for a much needed surgery found out he has nothing but a stack of bills. When he needed it most, his insurance was terminated. So, what happened? Troubleshooter Charla Young investigates. Health conditions made it tough for John Boyette to keep his factory job. Boyette had to have part of his lung removed. On the advise of his doctors, he quit his job.

Boyette says he paid close attention to premiums -- down to the penny -- because under COBRA his company paid a small portion and he was responsible for the rest.

Ceridian claims they sent him a notice of possible cancellation if he didn't make a full and timely premium payment of just 56 cents. Boyette says he never received it.

WAVE 3 TV Louisville, KY :: 56 cents could cost a Louisville man thousands


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